Hey folks! We are actively looking for good students and postdocs to conduct exciting research in the fields of vision, graphics, robotics and their deep learning acceleration. Some potential projects can be found on this page and in the Publication List.

Current Research Vacancies

NOTE that we have a PhD opening (2024 or early 2025 entry) for cyber security in autonomous driving. This position will be funded by an industrial partner, and the student will be co-supervised with a colleague from Cardiff University. Please get in touch if you would be interested.

Please [Get In Touch] if you are interested in the following positions or want to know more:

[04/2024]     DETAIL   A funded PhD position for cyber security in autonomous driving, from Oct. 2024 or Mar. 2025.

This project aims to develop a demonstration-based reinforcement learning framework to enable the ability of Intrusion Detection in Autonomous Driving scenarios. This is followed by the implementation of a solution to real-world applications on self-driving vehicles. The candidate will be funded by an industrial partner, supervised by Dr Wenbin Li at University of Bath, and Dr Tingting Li from Cardiff University. The candidate is also expected to have good knowledge of (1) reinforcement learning, as well as popular robotics simulators such as Gazebo and OpenAI Gym; (2) development of robot learning algorithms on robot agents (3) coding skills in C/C++ and Python; (4) oral and academic writing skills.

[11/2023]     A funded PhD position for robot learning, from Oct. 2024.

[10/2022]     A funded PhD position for perception and scene understanding, from Oct. 2023.

[12/2021]     A funded PhD position for real2sim digital twin, from Oct. 2022.

[11/2021]     A funded PhD position for robotic perception, from Oct. 2022.

[11/2021]     A funded PhD position for bioinspired robotic cognitive architecture, from Oct. 2022.

[11/2021]     A funded PhD position for brain-computer interface, from Oct. 2022.

[06/2021]     Two post-doc positions for autonomous drones, from Sep./Oct. 2021.

[12/2020]     A funded PhD position for autonomous testbed, from Oct. 2021.

[10/2020]     A funded PhD position for active scene learning, from Oct. 2021.

[05/2020]     A funded HOME/EU PhD position for graphical-realistic scene rendering, from Jan./Oct. 2021.

[05/2020]     A funded HOME/EU PhD position for imitation/federated robot learning, from Jan./Oct. 2021.

[04/2020]     A funded PhD position for dynamic scene reconstruction, from Oct. 2020.

[03/2020]     Volunteers needed to build autonomous robots for NHS frontline.

[07/2019]     Several internal UG/PG/PhD positions for our TBRe-AI Formula 1 project.

[06/2019]     A funded PhD position for indoor scene simulation, from Oct. 2020.

[05/2019]     A funded PhD position for scene understanding, from Oct. 2020.

[05/2019]     A funded PhD position for autonomous filming, from Sep. 2020.

[02/2019]     A funded PhD position for SLAMs on Fast moving vehicles, from Oct. 2019.

We always have industrial funded PhD positions (for Home/EU students in most of the cases) for flexible topics in robot learning and large-scale scene understanding. Please [contact] us if you are interested. The starting time is various throughout the year.

Prospective PhD Students

Doing a PhD and further academic research is mainly to investigate a real-world issue and ideally end up with solutions for the public. This is a hugely rewarding career that deserves persistence and effort from anyone who is interested. Studentships might be a very important bit to support PhD study right now. You may have to figure out the Residency Requirements before you apply for any PhD opening at Bath or any other institutes in the UK. And the overseas applicants may also have to meet the Language Requirement which is often obligatory for most of studentship applications. The funding information from our group will be updated in this page. In the meantime, there may be some general studentships/fellowships you would consider:

  • FindAPhD: general studentship search.
  • URSA: general studentships for Home students.
  • ART-AI CDT: a four-year funded PhD program from the department.
  • CDE: a four-year funded EngD program from the department.
  • AAPS CDT: a four-year funded PhD program from IAAPS of the university.
  • SAMBa CDT: a four-year funded PhD program from SAMBa of the university.
  • MSCF: Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowships support students from EU or Associated Countries for a three-year PhD/Postdoctoral program.
  • CSC: China Scholarship Council Studentships support Chinese students for a three/four-year PhD program.

Furthermore, if you have great academic qualifications (great GPA + track record on research experience in the fields) and good coding skill, you may have a great chance in the applications. If not, we also have excellent MSc Courses at Bath to help you get into the fields before your PhD applications. When you think you are ready, please [Email] us and enclose:

  • Recent Transcript: this should cover undergraduate and/or MS if they are available;
  • CV: up to two pages, this may include the contacts of two referees. It will also be very useful if you could provide links to your personal page and your public code repos (e.g. Github) if there is any;
  • Research Statement: up to two pages, you may introduce your research background and explain what research topics are most interesting for you and what you would like to conduct on top of them.

Note that the deadlines for studentship applications might vary. The best timing for contact should be between August and November.

Prospective Postdoctoral Applicants

Please check on the PostDoc. openings on this page that would be updated from time to time.

Although funding is tight, you might be still interested in doing Postdoc Research Associate with us at Bath AND you are excellent in research AND you believe that you have a good match to our research OR you would like to propose a great idea to work with us. Please [Get In Touch] and we might make it happen.

Prospective Undergraduate/Master Projects

For Bath students, we offer Positions for final year CS/EE and MSc students who would like to conduct their degree dissertations in the fields. if you would like to work with us, please check on Moodle pages [FYP-CM30082] [MSc-CM50175]. OR If you have your own great idea for a dissertation, please [Get In Touch].

Prospective Internship

Technically we don’t have resource or place to host any intern at Bath. Sorry about that.